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psychic and medical intuitive Su WalkerSAMPLE MEDICAL INTUITIVE READING:

Frank is a 54 year old Native American gentleman who came to me because of a lack of energy, and wanted to know what was causing his difficulties and what I could recommend.. He shared nothing with me about his previous medical history before I took up my pen and began to sketch him out and made no comments until after I was done sharing my findings.

After making an outline sketch of his body, I found extremely poor circulation, overall joint pain due to a prescription he was taking involving his blood, several areas of old long scars in the arms, legs and chest region and indications of poor heart pumping action and a propensity toward clot formation stemming from what seemed to be coagulation or pooling of blood in the bottom chambers of the heart.

I became very concerned and immediately spoke to him about the seriousness of my findings and recommended he immediately see his doctor. I talked to him about the danger of clots lodging in the legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism) or brain (stroke.) I explained about the feeling that one of the prescriptions he was taking (my sources told me blood thinner) was the cause of his overall aches and the poor oxygenation. I turned the sketch pad around and showed him the long scars on his legs and arms and the unusual short scars on his upper chest that I had seen.

Finally, Frank smiled and began to confirm my findings. Yes, he said, he was currently being treated for the clot problem and the blood thinner he was on caused him continual joint pain. He had previously had one episode of deep vein thrombosis and heart surgery to try to take care of the very problem of poor pumping and coagulation that I had mentioned. He also showed me the long scars down the insides of each arm from being cut up as a child having fallen through a glass door. The long scar on his leg was from a bypass surgery in 2000 and the unusual short scars on his upper chest were from a Lakota sundance ceremony. He told me that the heart surgery was supposed to have taken care of the poor pumping action, but had not totally been successful and he was still being treated in physical therapy at the VA Hospital in Des Moines. He wanted to know what else he could do to increase his energy.

After letting him know that he needed to check with his physician before making any changes, I recommended he make sure to take a multi-vitamin with iron daily and let him know that co-enzyme Q10, Siberian ginseng, and ginkgo biloba along with a little extra vitamin C all assisted in helping the body's oxygen carrying capacity.

As I looked at Frank psychically, it was obvious he was unable to do rigorous exercise, but that my sources told me that he needed to heartily sing more. I saw he had a good voice and enjoyed singing with gusto and my psychic sources were saying that a minimum of an hour a day of constant belt it out sort of singing would go a long way toward the necessary deep breathing, increase of endorphins, and overall oxygenation of his system. What's more, my sources said that this singing was best done outside, not inside.

Frank smiled again and told me that my findings made perfect sense to him. He sang with gusto when acting as the singer in traditional Lakota sweat lodges (which lasted for one to two hours at a time) and also played guitar and sang in a band when he was in South Dakota, often at outdoor events. He agreed that singing energized him and made him feel whole again, and it didn't dawn on him that this simple solution would be so very helpful with his energy. He told me he would investigate with his doctor the taking of the supplements I mentioned and try my prescription of singing with gusto an hour each day.

Frank has gotten back to me and reported that on days when he follows through with his singing, his energy level is much higher. He has been having some difficulties with gastric reflux, and we talked about him finding a massage therapist to help pull his stomach back down into place as it tended to be riding too high and tight up under the rib cage. He said he will look for an individual in this area with those skills.

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