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Psychic Readings and Paranormal Skills. Real, or Bogus?

Are psychics real? Are they fake? How do they differ? This is one mans experience, perceptions, and opinions about the metaphysical realm. Even though I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge through my years on this planet, I'll be the first to admit that I'm naturally skeptical when someone brags to me about their psychic or advanced spiritual abilities. I suppose that statement seems a bit odd, especially considering my interest with telekinesis, psychokinesis (PK) and energy projection.

I've never had much need for psychics in my life, having a natural intuitive ability. Frankly, I thought that everybody had the capacity to communicate via some unseen method. Boy, was I wrong! Most people have ignored, forgotten, or set aside whatever level of psychic gifts that they have because they're so busy living life, and also because it seems 'weird' or somewhat 'primitive' in our technologically advanced world. With that said, admit it. Even you have had a psychic experience at least once in your life. If you are a parent, you remember those times when your child was in trouble, and how a 'sixth sense' warned you. And speaking to husbands, even real men admit that the psychic warning bells went off for when you bought (or did) that thing that you thought your wife wouldn't find out about. Got caught, didn't you? Didn't listen, eh?

So, I'm convinced that the gift exists. But what about the person that claims to be a real psychic?

Less than 2% of all people I've met that purport to be a real psychic actually are. And those folks often will use other tools to assist them, such as tarot cards. Also, we live in the age of the Internet. Someone can plug a few keystrokes into a search engine like Google, and find out a considerable amount of information about you. And unless you've been living under a rock the last few years, most people remember the 'Miss Cleo' debacle.

With that said, I've met less than a handful of psychics that have impressed me with their abilities. One woman was from California, and accurately described my house, the layout of my bedroom and office to the most minute detail from 1,500 miles away. Then I met Su Walker.

The year was 2002, and my life was in utter turmoil. I had happened upon Su's web site, and was intrigued with articles she had written about energy projection, telekinesis, and psychokinesis. she also had drawings of some of her medical intuitive readings posted as well. For starters, she didn't seem like the 'typical' psychic to me. By typical, I mean the "ooh.. I see pretty colors and stars around you.. (I saw stars too when I crashed my motorcycle), ooh... you've had a death in your family... (who hasn't) oh.. you have a curse on you, and it will take money and time for me to break it"... (sweetheart, I have an ex-wife, so I know all about The Curse Of The Installment Plan). Anyway, I needed answers to some tough questions, so I picked up the phone and called her. When I called, all she asked me for was my full name, date, place, time of birth, and where I was living. That was it.

I was taken aback immediately. The first words out of Su's mouth told me that I'd just gone through a divorce. All without ANY input or assent from me. Like I said, I'm a skeptic at heart, and was on the lookout for any type of leading questions. Anyway.. all I have to say is Wow. Without even acknowledging her accuracy, I began to ask specific questions that I wanted answers for, and wrote down her responses. They were accurate and on target. I should add that a lasting impression of the reading was that I felt like Su really cared about me as a person. It made a difference.

Life moved on, and I needed confirmation on some urgent matters, and did not think twice about calling Su again for a psychic reading. As before, she pegged it 100%, and gave me clarity regarding the situation at hand. I've never met a psychic who tracks images the way Su does, or how immediate the answer to a question is given. The response is delivered with accuracy, confidence, and tact.

The bottom line is, how can you tell the difference between a real psychic and a scam artist?

First of all, I'd say watch out for people that sprout a lot of titles, like 'Madam', 'Sister', 'Mucky-muck star-moon', etc. With the availability of the Internet today, I think that most people locate a psychic in this manner, and you've all seen their cheesy-looking web sites, full of fluff, garbage, and a lot of ego inflation. I naturally steer clear of the person when I see smoke instead of substance. I once knew a fellow that had a couple of these types of 'psychics' tell him that he was being cursed by a dark wizard, and that's why he was low on energy. They also told him that he was being attacked because he was one of only seven high spiritual mucky-mucks in the world, here to guard all of mankind from destruction. He bought into it, and was utterly convinced that it was so. Sadly, it turned out that he was diabetic and didn't know it. Oops. They sure missed that one.

Secondly, be on the watch if the person tells you that you need to call then every week or every day for a month or more to sort out a problem. Let's be real here, people. You can't live your life on daily guidance by a psychic, let alone afford to pay for it (unless you've won the lottery). Use some common sense, and take ownership of your life!

Your future is determined by the choices you make each and every day. If you choose to play on railroad tracks, eventually you'll get hit by a train. If you choose to call your boss at work a jerk on a regular basis, my psychic mojo tells me that you'll be looking for a job in the near future. Sorry for the sarcasm there, but a lot of folks just don't seem to get it at times. If you're feeling that out of control, go see a mental health professional.

Third, don't buy trinkets like amulets or 'blessed' charms from them. I believe that we all make our own breaks in life. You have to be the one that is proactive in sending out resumes for jobs, etc. You're the one who makes the effort to start a business from scratch. Don't expect a charm or a rock to just hand it to you free gratis. We live in a society today that expects instant gratification. Anything worth having takes effort.

Fourth, don't listen to the blarney that you need to pay them big bucks to reverse a curse that's supposedly been placed on you. But most importantly, use your own intuition. If it doesn't feel or sound right to you, don't do it. Don't call them back. Period.

In closing, there are a few things I am certain of. Su Walker is a genuine, nice person, which is hard to find in today's age. She loves to help people. In my opinion, Su Walker is the real deal.

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