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Pinging and Cloaking:

The Elements of Psychic Hide and Seek
By Psychic Reader Su Walker

PINGING - How to use your psychic skills to find another when you really need to.

There will be times when we need to be able to use and totally rely on our multi-sensory abilities to find someone when we do not know exactly where they are. Pinging (as in radar or sonar technology) is the general catch-all term I use for probing or scanning for someone. It's a way of sending out a locating sort of psychic feeler, obtaining information about direction, distance, and disposition of another individual. Several different techniques can be employed to do this, both mundane and magickal. The following are various ideas, tried techniques, tips, and miscellaneous notes. Some will resonate with you stronger than others. Use your intuition to pick techniques that will work best for you. The list is by no means complete. Feel free to share your own style and experience.

A: Sending Out An "Asking"

Call for another by name. Names have incredible power. Make sure you have the individual's unique name (you don't just want to call for ANY David Smith living in New York City!) I find it easiest to use a triangulation of three different variable, such as full name, birth date, and city/state. You can create a chant to move yourself into a deeper state of consciousness, repeating the name, etc., over and over in your mind, sending out an asking or calling in the information.

B: Remote Viewing:

Pay attention to and acknowledge all of your first impressions. Visual - can you perceive ANYTHING that is around them? Specifically seek light and shadow, form, and shape as they are usually the easiest things to pick up first. Smells - look for perfume, smoke, cooking smells, factory odors, medicinal chemical smell, etc. Sounds - What are THEY hearing? What voices are near them? Emotional connections - What are they feeling? Sensations - heat, cold, breeze, texture? Motion or movement nearby or being experienced, such as car vibrations, repetitive machine movement? Kinesthetic focus - are they standing, walking, lying down?

C: Double D's: Direction and distance:

Stand, remaining focused on the person you are seeking and: Use your ENTIRE body like an antenna.. pay attention to everything your body feels, as if each cell is a mini receiver. Turn a complete circle and first eliminate where the person is NOT When seeking which direction to find them in, make sure you choose the direction most closely associated with where they are NOW, this moment. Be aware you may pick up more than one direction because IF they are moving or have moved, you may perceive their recent energy trail or path of travel.When you get a directional sense, then mentally latch onto the person you seek and dowse for distance. Move your consciousness outward incrementally to find how far away they are: 100 feet? A block away? A mile? Etc. Ask yourself specifically, are they X distance away and keep moving farther outward until you get a change in response or a "yes" response. Ask your body to respond when you are "getting warmer" or "hot" (remember the old childhood games we used to play with each other to locate a hidden object?) If you have sought beyond the correct distance, you may feel cooler or colder, null, or empty.

D: Physical Reactions to Pinging:

Your inner reactions to a positive response to your pinging or sending out an asking may involve or include: Eye movement - moving your eyes to the left helps access information intuitively. According to Neuro Linguistic Programming information, looking left and up triggers visual processing, left and horizontal triggers auditory processing, and left and down triggers kinesthetic processing. Looking horizontally left and right helps to trigger past to future connections. I find that when I am trying to access or "read" information when I "scan" my eye movements moving frequently are moving back and forth, left and right, then instinctively I will stop them when I "hit" on information that is needed. Various body reactions - everyone experiences a positive ping differently: You may experience.. Gut feelings, an itchy nose, nostrils flaring or a funny taste sensation. Goose bump response or nape of the neck hair response. Slight headache or reaction in the forehead/third eye area. Tingling hands or other body parts. A second chakra feeling for a lover or significant other. Breast or nipple response to nursing mothers seeking their own children. Emotional response: anger, a cross look or frown when you find those you dislike or are seeking those you have a distaste for. Be aware of your emotional connection to the person you are seeking. Your body ay response with those emotions if you have skills along empathic lines.

E: Extra Help from the Universe:

Pay attention to ALL background fleeting thoughts during the process of pinging for someone. You may be asking for one sort of information, but the Universe may help you out with a little extra information by providing you with more than you ask for as a way of further assisting you.

F: Sacred Bubble:

Move yourself into a "bubble" of sacred space - if you are on the move, create a moving encapsulated space between the worlds to shut out what you do not need or what will distract you. Set the bubble to perceive only the info of the person you seek.

G: No Fear:

Set your fear and anger aside! Adrenaline responses disrupt psychic clarity, especially If you are seeking a missing person, pet, murder suspect, thief, etc.

H: Jonathan Livingston Seagull Approach:

Set your confidence or success level inside the bubble to maximum. KNOW before you begin that you WILL perceive accurately and succeed. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, "you must begin by knowing that you've already arrived."

I: Lost Object Helpers:

Ask for and connect with deities or energies that aid in finding lost objects or people: St. Anthony, the herb cowslip, the color brown, the yew tree, goldenrod, the middle energy between Yin and Yang, the energy of the Dakota "stone people," the power of Owls, A'neglakya and his sister A'neglakyatsi-tsa from Zuni legend, Sulis Minerva in Celtic tradition, just to name a few.

J: Red Thread:

You ARE connected to everything and everyone on the planet. Picture the thread between you and the individual you are trying to find and, send an extra stream of energy through that connection to make it more obvious or visible to you. I make the connection stand out as brilliant red, but you can make it fluorescent blue, day glow orange, etc.

K: Access Other Existing Eyes:

Use the eyes of another creature (like a familiar) as your eyes. Can you see what or whom you are trying to locate via the eyes of birds or four footed's?

L: Seek Their Guardian:

If you know the guardian of the individual you seek, you can look for it.

M: Where NOT:

You can shorten your search by checking where the individual you are seeking is NOT. Can you eliminate locations such as home, care, bed, work, other familiar haunts?

N: Spiritual Scouting Party:

You can ask your own spirit guides/ancestors to locate the individual and bring back the information for you.

O: Fetch work:

You can project a fetch or a calling and draw the person to a particular spot.

P: Seeking Selective Specialties:

Choose the thing the individual you are seeing is most familiar to you for and seek that. For example, if you know that John Smith is a specialist in gourmet cooking, seek out the energy of the best gourmet cooks in a particular locale. Sargeant Gunnisen is best known for his swagger and brusk ego energy.. can you find him by seeking that energy?

Q: XYZ Axis:

Remember to ping on x, y AND z axis. Someone may be higher or lower than you. Don't forget to ping in 360 degrees!

R: Pinged?

How do you know if someone is pinging YOU? Usually a sudden background thought of them springs into your mind behind your foreground thoughts. You may feel a body response associated with them. You may feel suddenly triggered to ping them back. You may recognize a friendly greeting feeling, a "hello" or touch or kiss, etc. You may suddenly stop what you are doing to instinctively hush the noise around you as if you need to "listen" for something. You may have a sudden response that you need to get in touch with someone via phone or other means. You may not be able to get a person out of your mind.

S: Bubble Settings:

You can set your shields or your personal bubble to let you know if someone is trying to ping you or reach you. You can turn up the "volume control" for emergencies or let it to hear specific individuals or certain kinds of messages (such as "I love you!" from your sweetie.) CLOAKING: How to vanish when you do not wish to be seen There will be times when we need to be able to use AND totally rely on our multi-sensory abilities to vanish or disappear in a sea of people when you do not want to be found. Cloaking is the general catch-all term I use for dampening down your energy, shifting to a completely different energy signature, or using other techniques to avoid a specific someone, group, or entire crowd. The primary and practical five sensory techniques can be employed first: Stop making eye contact. This doesn't mean keeping your head down, it means shifting your body language into "privacy" mode. Keep your eyes looking below others chin levels. Use your peripheral vision. Look at objects vs. people, sit relaxed and not stiff. Set your harder or more brilliant emotions aside. Anger, joy, fear, sadness all telegraph strongly. Ground, center, move your energy to your core and bank that fire! Smooth the edges of your movements. Adopt an almost ballet dance like energy flow to your outward motions and your being. Don't do or say anything blatant. Have normal but not over confident reactions. When possible, dress to blend into your environment.

Energy shifting: Switching from your usual energy signature.

A: Ask for Help: After you ground, ASK for help from the Universe. Let you guides/ancestors/helpers know "I don't want to be seen, help me become invisible."

B: Match Your Environment: Mentally shift your energy to match your environment. Think and act in an "I belong here" manner.

C: When in Rome.. Shift your guise to that of the typical person in your environment. This is the "when in Rome" manner of acting, speaking, walking, talking, like those around you. So.. if you are at the Republican National convention you would..

D: Chameleon: Entrain your energy to match who and what you are standing or sitting right next to, whether it is a person or object. (Ever sit with your back to a tree and adopt the energy of the tree?)

E: Acting Role: Pick a persona to slip into. Walk, talk, act a totally different personality than your usual self.

F: Be Unexpected: Are you cloaking from a particular individual, what do THEY expect you to be like? What will they be looking for from you as far as visual cue, smells, specific sounds, voice, clothing, emotions, hair, etc. Try masking your energy from them alone.

G: Secret Name: Shift your energy from your "public name" to your "secret name." Sometimes this is as simple as shifting from your mundane to your magickal name or vice versa. It's always a good idea to have a name for yourself that no one or perhaps only one other person knows. That energy will be specific to you, easy to adopt, and different from your usual vibration.

H: Decoy: Try transferring your energy to another object. This does two things. IT creates a decoy and hides you at the same time. Implant the idea of cloaking or masking. "These are not the Droids you are looking for."

I: Mosquito Veil: Try just a "partial" or mosquito net like veil energy.. one you can easily see out of, but masks your own energy just enough. Often this requires less energy and focus on your own part to maintain.

J: Slip Between: Move your everyday time and space self into a null time and space bubble. Try sitting, standing or walking in that null or "void" mode.

K: Elemental Shifting Form: Move yourself into another form. Try adopting the energy of air or smoke, or even water to slip away.

L: Blinding Decoy: Choose a bright decoy to mimic so that the decoy's energy signature blinds those trying to find you.

M: Go Primal: and operate with your most animalistic "silent prowl" energy.

N: Outrageously wrong: This is the concept of being so extremely out of place that people want to ignore you. Think of an ultra feminine hot pink Klingon battle cruiser arriving in a sea of serious and dangerous gray warships. When you are playing Psychic Hide and Seek and you know someone is trying to find you: Switch your energy to match the person seeking you! Cloak by becoming their twin. This also makes it easier to find them and know where they are. Rotate your shields! Don't stay with any one energy or method of cloaking, but shift through several different methods when you know someone is seeking you. They may be looking for something consistent, don't give it to them. This constant change can keep you on their radar for just a moment.

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