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Psychokinesis and Telekinesis Experiences
by Su Walker

I met Andre on a warm summer evening in late June of 2005. When we arranged that first get together, I honestly had no idea he had any kind of psychic projection skills. In our conversations over the phone he never mentioned them and, as I found out later, honestly keeps his amazing abilities pretty close to the chest and psychically cloaked.

He is a quiet, serious man, whose eyes take in everything. When in his presence, many people and animals sense something very different about him and quite often they are just not sure what to make of him. I believe what they perceive subconsciously is his energy. However, because the vibration is so very potent and unusual, I've witnessed how the average person seems to become confused as to how to react to his natural energy signature.

Andre, always acutely aware of the world around him and how individual's act the first time they meet him, explained to me why usually he keeps his energy shielded. "People are naturally afraid of things that they don't understand," he told me. "They also perceive power as something to be wary of."

As we sat in the living room of my home that first evening, our discussion turned from energy reception and psychic work to energy projection and forms of telekinesis and psychokinesis (PK.) I shared my own history of stopping clocks and blowing light bulbs in previous attempts at macro PK. It was then that Andre mentioned he had "some experience" in the area of energy projection. I was naturally curious, and asked him what he knew about the subject. His cryptic answer was that it was easier to show me than to explain it. I shrugged, and honestly expected a demonstration of the usual faint Reiki master wannabe sort of energy tingle.

Boy was I wrong.

A bit earlier in the evening we had been discussing, of all things, the feminine and masculine powers of air.. everything from light wispy clouds to intense storms. Andre paused, and looked at me as if sizing up whether or not I was ready for something. Then came a slightly bizarre query from him.

"Would you like to experience the inside of a thunderstorm?" he asked.

At the time, I assumed he was simply opening up an interesting discussion topic and was asking a rhetorical question. I shrugged. Sure, if it were possible it might be interesting. A moment later Andre moved to within arms reach of me and quietly asked permission to touch my forehead. Slightly confused and very curious now, I nodded assent and closed my eyes as he placed two fingers of his left hand in the middle of my sixth chakra.

Immediately there was a huge explosion of light inside my head. Within seconds I felt as if I was being blown about inside an ocean of rolling, angry dark clouds. The sting of hail began to exfoliate my skin, and the smell of ozone surrounded me. Sudden hair-raising flashes of lightning filled my body with the tingle of high voltage. Without warning, I felt myself caught in a spinning vortex. Within moments I was being whipped about at a dizzying speed, centrifugal force flinging my body round and round and up and up until I was gasping.

Gently, Andre removed his fingers from my forehead and my eyes snapped back open. I was still sitting on my living room couch, but was honestly panting for breath at the realness of what he had projected into me.

"That," he said quietly, "was a thunderstorm that spawned a tornado."

As you can imagine, I was wide eyed with my mouth hanging open. I had never met anyone who, through mere touch, could project such powerful and intense images! I mean, I was there, inside the thunderhead in a way that was so very, very real that it left me breathless. I swallowed hard and the first words that tumbled out of my mouth were, "How did you DO that?" "I just do," he replied.

As we became friends, Andre slowly opened up. I found that using touch to send images was not the only skill he possessed. While I had considered myself rather adept at forming and tossing balls of energy with my Thursday night metaphysical class, I soon found that in this arena, Andre was in a league all of his own.

The "snowballs of light" I could form and toss at my students would force them to take a step backward or sit down in a chair. These had no effect on Andre. However, what he could pull up, form into a ball, and hurl at me could easily knock me backward five plus feet whether I was shielded or not. Even at half strength, the energy he lobbed often sent my nervous system into overload with spasms and trembling lasting from minutes to hours.

More about that kind of energy projection in the next web article.

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