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Of all the individuals that I know with natural multi-sensory skills and abilities, about ninety-eight percent of them I would classify as energy receptionists: psychics, sensitives and intuitives. It is rare that I encounter an individual who is spontaneously strong at energy projection work with no formal training. While I myself have a bit of research and fair amount of skill in this area, I gained a new appreciation for top-notch projectionists and how very powerful they can be this summer.

Let me first give you a little background.

My own interest in this area began more than ten years ago. It stemmed from e-mails back and forth in 1998 with Dr. Dale Graff, who headed up the CIA's remote viewing project for 20 years. At the time, I knew that psychic reception skills were something that could improve with training and practice. I had a hunch that one could learn psychic projection this way as well. My questions to Dr. Graff asked if he thought psychokinesis (PK) or telekinesis (TK) skills could also improve over time through trial, error and feedback. I wanted to know if he was aware of any sort of course work or training that existed to help me in this area. At the time, he could not definitively tell me of any kind of research he knew of and was not aware of anything that was available as far as training.

Undaunted, I began to search for what I could learn about strong energy projection skills. It helped reading books about natural projectionists.Uri Geller's own books on his beginnings were helpful and fascinating. Going over work and research that was being done in the PEAR laboratory and obtaining their PK computer program helped some. I read of the Russian housewife, Nina Kulagina, who as able to demonstrate her abilities to western scientists moving objects. I studied the works of Dr. Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe, a book I highly recommend to students interested in both psychic reception and projection.

In October of 1998, I began my own experimentation. Having just finished Uri Geller's work, My Story, I wondered if I too could bend spoons and change the physical nature of solid objects. I began to work for 30 minutes a day, dropping down into a meditative state, holding a metal spoon and concentrating to see if I could affect it in any way. After ten days of work in this area, I didn't have any luck bending the spoon at all, but other spontaneous phenomena began to happen. It started with my computer clock going awry. Before my daily meditation and energy projection attempts, the clock would be just fine. When I returned to myoffice in the next room after my session, the computer clock would mysteriously be an hour off.

Several days later, I was lying on the bed in my room, again focusing on projecting energy at the neck of the spoon, trying to will the metal's bonds to separate like Moses parting the red sea. Suddenly, from across the room, I heard an extremely loud electrical POP. My eyes flew open and the clock on the VCR about eight feet from me was blinking in a strange pattern that I had never seen before. All attempts to change the setting failed, and I ended up unplugging the machine and replugging it back in to try to get it to set correctly again. While I managed to finally set the clock function again, the machine never worked quite the same after that.

About two weeks into my personal endeavors to bend spoons, still with no success, I ended my daily meditation, and tossed the spoon aside frustrated that I wasn't having any luck. I went into the dining room and flipped on the light switch, promptly blowing two of the bulbs in the chandelier above the dining room table. It was then that I glanced over at the wall and noted that the battery clock was off by an hour. Frowning, I reset it, recalling the incident with my computer clock, and went into the kitchen to look for spare light bulbs. My kitchen clock, a plug in unit on the wall, was also wrong by an hour. I frowned harder and reset that clock. Curious now, totally forgetting the needed bulbs, I went into the family room. The clock on the VCR was wrong by an hour, as was the clock in my son's bedroom in the basement. As I moved to turn off the light in my son's bedroom, my hand touched the switch on the wall and the light in the ceiling made a popping sound and winked out. This was too much to be random. Two bulbs and four clocks in less than an hour. Something strange was happening... but it was about to take an even more unusual turn.

That same week, I blew close to seven more light bulbs. My kids began to tease me, asking at the dinner table each night how many clocks I had stopped or lights I had put out that day. I took everything light heartedly and we joked about what I would do next. Meanwhile, the clock on the computer in my office continued to randomly be off by an hour every couple of days. It happened so regularly, I began making a log of the events as they happened.
Near the end of that week, I was putting the youngest kids to bed and they were in the room with me as I reached across the headboard for the bedtime story we had been reading all week. As my hand passed within about 5 inches of the lamp on the headboard, the light suddenly came on! I never touched it, but only moved my hand close to the lamp. Two of the children witnessed this and I immediately heard a surprised and startled, "Mom!"from both of them. The rest of the family came into the room as the kid's excitedly exclaimed, "Mom made the light come on!" I tried to laugh it off. "I wasn't even trying to do that," I joked.

It was only three days later that it happened again. In a different room, with a different lamp that was turned off, my hand passed close by the shade and the light suddenly came on. I couldn't bend spoons to save my soul, but boy did I seem to be having random affects on lights and clocks! Honestly, I think back at that time that I scared myself. I stopped my attempts at spoon bending and within days the clocks and lights in the house were behaving normally again. So much was going on in my life at the time that I decided resuming this work at some later date might be best.

Near the end of May of 2005, I decided I wanted again to work at obtaining greater skill and ability in area of conscious, palpable energy projection. This time, instead of trying to bend spoons, I used a different tact. I resumed my Tai Chi work, and began a search for literature that could help me learn how to channel and project a palpable energy field.

My usual group of Thursday night students expressed interest in this area and I picked up and refreshed my memory on the research I had begun seven years previously. The group of us began playing with forming energy balls, walking with them, tossing them at one another and trying to bring up enough energy through our bodies to toss a ball at someone and make them take a step backwards. We were having fun, and success and I was pretty proud of what I was able to do thus far. With the help of my students, I began to construct a beginner's course in psychic projection, which I, tongue in cheek dubbed, "Emergency Mojo 911."

Feeling like I needed to refresh and improve my skills, I began to seek out the connections that exist in other faiths. I'd always believed that common threads wove through the grand tapestry of all religions, and I had studied them in depth. But, being curious and insatiable, I wanted more. My journey, coupled with the grand plan of the Universe introduced me to a Shaman of a Lakota tribe. After a time, we struck a friendship, and I was invited to participate in sweat lodge ceremonies. I found them uplifting, purifying, and expanding my world-view of religion. The experience was real, palpable, and tangible. I found myself in awe of their connection to the Earth and Spirit, and the reverential tones that were part of their everyday life.

During a sweat lodge ceremony that took place during a full moon on the summer solstice, I specifically asked to have the Universe bring me in contact with other energy beings, so I could clearly see what I had been vaguely sensing for years. I should have remembered some sage words of advice penned long ago.. be careful what you wish for. I was totally unprepared for what or who would come across my path a scant three days later.

Very quickly it became obvious that my own abilities had a long, long way to go.

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